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Who is Gourmeat?

Gourmeat is a Uruguayan company that started its operation in 2013. Thanks to the work and expertise in the area for over 25 years, we have the possibility of dealing with the domestic market such as is done with the outside. Our concept is to get to your house, the same meat selected and chosen in a process of classification used for the most demanding markets in the world.

What does Grass-Fed means?

“Grass-fed” means exactly what it sounds like: the cow ate grass (and sometimes other grasslike things, like alfalfa – other stuff that you would naturally find in a field and that the cow would naturally eat).

This sounds like a completely ridiculous label: don’t all cows eat grass? What else would a cow eat?

Actually, most cows raised in the US start their lives eating grass, but when it comes time to fatten them up for slaughter, they’re moved to barns where they live inside and eat grains, not grass. The vast majority of cows in the modern food system do not actually eat grass for their whole lives.

Our products are from 100% Grass-Fed cows.


What Benefits Do I Get from eating Grass-Fed Meat?

All beef is nutritious, but grass-fed beef is significantly more nutritious than grain-fed.

  • Grass-fed beef is the only kind of beef that contains conjugated linoleic acid. Grain-fed beef has none. Conjugated linoleic acid is a type of fat that might be very important for preventing weight gain.
  • Grass-fed beef has better fat quality. Specifically, it has significantly more anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fats and significantly fewer inflammatory Omega-6 fats. This is something to take with a grain of salt, because the absolute amount of both types of fat is quite low.
  • Grass-fed beef has much more vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is important for heart health and bone health: it helps get calcium into your bones (where it belongs) and not into your arteries (where it causes plaque and heart attacks).
  • Grass-fed beef has more antioxidants, especially vitamin E.
Order Size Calculation

An average consumer will eat between 6oz-12oz of beef.

Defrosting The Meat

The best way to defrost is in a refrigerator. Try not to defrost beef at room temperature. For a clean defrosting in the refrigerator please place it on a tray and let it thaw for approx. 12 hours (depends on each cut).

To make the process faster (Ok but not recommended), place the vacuum-sealed bag in cold water for around 45 minutes.

To make it even faster (not recommended by us), use the defrost feature in the microwave.

Return Policy
  • Due to the perishable nature of the product, we cannot accept returned merchandise.
  • We will not issue a refund to anyone’s credit card who refuses a delivery or in any way attempts to return a shipment.
  • Please check all addresses carefully. Damage due to incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses voids our guarantee so please be sure to double-check addresses.
  • The customer will then be responsible for the charges of a new order.
Order Cancellation

You may cancel an order with advance notice. We will do all that we can to honor your request, but if the order has already begun the shipping process, we cannot change it or cancel it.

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